Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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Why use social media?

While it would be much easier to answer why not, we’ll give a couple of highlights to show you why this should be included in you advertising efforts. On top of everything else, there is relationship building, and no other marketing channel offers this personal form of client engagement. Social media marketing attracts new business through word of mouth traffic, and above all else it builds a better customer service department.


Benefits of social media marketing

•   More than half of businesses with less than 10 employees stated that social media reduced their marketing spend.
•   Around 78% of all adult internet users are actively using at least on social platform.
•   Increased visibility – 68% of online users view a company on social networking sites before buying.
•   78% of small businesses attract new customers/clients through the use of social media.

What is social media marketing?

This is the concept of using popular social websites in a way that attracts attention and credibility through online word of mouth traffic. The idea is to create messages and content that users will want to share in an effort to spread knowledge of your offer, services, brand, etc. When your message gets to your end user, it will have come from a trusted source, such as a friend or family member, and due to this fact they will be more likely to take action on whatever offer you have presented.

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