About Us

About Us

What we’re all about…

Background marketing is an internet marketing and reputation management company founded by Terrence Kent with the purpose of helping small and medium sized businesses compete on a larger scale and increase their profits.Our name, ‘Background Marketing’ was chosen because of our approach that we take, which ensures that we work in the background, unseen, while our clients get in front of their competition.

We are passionate about what we do and take pride in the results we provide to our clients. We know that having a great looking web design is only half the battle and getting it seen is the other. At Background Marketing, we have all the tools needed to help our clients reach market leadership status.



We specialize in providing luxury flights to top tourist destinations. We promise comfortable seats and smooth flights, no exception.


Our goal is ensuring that your vacation starts and ends in style, from the moment you board and until you reach your destination.

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