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What is SEO training?

The reality is not everyone wants to pay a monthly investment to get their business noticed more. In fact many businesses feel that they have the ability in house to handle their SEO and marketing efforts, however they just don’t have the knowledge to create and sustain an SEO campaign. That’s where we come in. Our experience in the industry has given us the unique ability to not only offer training courses from a standpoint of what is working right now, but we teach you how to make your business future proof, so you never need to worry about Google updates again.

If you want to understand SEO from the basics right through to advanced link building tactics, then background marketing has a course for you. Have you ever wondered what white hat, black hat, and grey hat really means? Do you need someone to explain an algorithm update. More importantly do you need to know how to find out when the next algorithm update is going to happen, and what to do when it happens? Then contact us today to book a training course that answers all of these questions and more.

Why choose us?

When it comes down to it, you want to know that the person who’s training you is not only teaching you quality information, but also that they’ve actually done the job before. At Background Marketing, we practice what we preach, and train SEO techniques that we use in our own business. So you can look at the results from our own business and feel confident that the SEO information that we provide will keep you ahead of your competition and that you and your team are trained to handle your marketing efforts in the future. One thing we pride ourselves on, is our approach to training. While many training courses can seem a bit mundane and full of jargon. Background marketing takes an upbeat approach that makes SEO seem simple, and when you are done you will leave with actionable steps to implement in your business and see immediate results.

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