Video Marketing

Video Marketing

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What is online video marketing?

Simply defined, video marketing is basically using video to promote your products, services, brand, or anything else you can think of. This is another tool in the SEO tool chest that will get you in front of your target audience. Taking a visual approach to marketing has always been important; however this has the potential to take your business to another level of brand recognition. This is without a doubt one of the most powerful steps you can take towards online success.

Why video marketing is so powerful

Movement grabs our attention. Think about it, many people don’t want to sit all day reading adverts online. However a video breaks up the monotony and forces viewers to pay attention. If you are emotional about what you do, this will be translated through to the viewer, and emotions are contagious. A few other points are that video’s generally rank higher online; this means you have the ability of having multiple pages on page 1 of Google. Of course, there is the viral approach, videos are more likely to gain traction and go viral than any other means of advertising.

Benefits of video marketing

•   It’s measurable ( as with all SEO approaches every aspect can be measured)
•   Video is mobile (with mobile being the new buzz word, you won’t need to change your marketing strategy to get results)
•   Ability to rank higher in popular search engines like Google
•   Sets you apart from your competition
•   Ability for users to share content easily
•   Increased brand recognition, and visibility online

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