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The Same Old Business Story In Milton Keynes

So you set up your business and you have been trading for quite some time now. You haven’t seemed to find that breakout in sales that you initially projected when you started the business. So naturally, desperately trying to keep your business afloat you choose to speak to those who have operated businesses around you and gain their advice on what they suggest you should do.

Naturally, as most business owners are, these well-established Milton Keynes entrepreneurs jump at the opportunity to help a young business owner grow and expand to the level that they have now reached yet. Over the next few months, you follow the sound advice of those established experts around. You proceed with leaflet drops in the area, you proceed to use flyers posted through businesses letter boxes you begin to use networking groups in hopes that this will boost your business to becoming a multi-million pound business, upon realising that this approach isn’t producing, you begin to look at trade publications and you very quickly realise that the only users who read trade publications are those who work in that trade. You then proceed to be contacted by the newspaper who advise you that taking out an ad in their publications will allow you to reach close to a half million readers, however upon further review you come to the realisation that just because a half-million people have access to the publication it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will see your ad or even read the publication the ad is in.

Soon you’re ready to quit and to pack up your business and close for good officially beaten when someone new to your life recommends that you consider digital marketing. You heard about SEO before but in terms of performance you never really considered it as a viable approach and when you chose to discuss this idea with the Milton Keynes business gurus they provide you with the old idea that you shouldn’t use SEO because it doesn’t work. In fact, a few even go as far as to tell you that they have tried to use Milton Keynes SEO companies and that they never delivered the service they expected to achieve and that the entire industry is full of a number of scammers.

However, something in you told you to keep researching for yourself. Why? Because you already tried everything else. After doing some research on your own you found your way to looking in the top 10 to 20 listings of SEO Milton Keynes companies and found your way to this site.

Does this story sound familiar? If it does don’t feel bad. This story is repeated every single day in cities all across the country and all across the globe. Business owners are tired of spending time and effort on techniques that don’t work. Now there was a time when every tactic mentioned above work better than any tactic that existed and currently they do still work to an extent however they all come with one giant flaw.

You can’t determine what your ROI is with these methods.

Digital marketing has opened up a completely new realm of advertising. SEO exists for the sole purpose of being able to monitor results and to give you peace of mind in knowing exactly what your agency is doing for your business to help you excel on the internet and generate more profits.

At Background Marketing, we pride ourselves on two things… transparency with our reporting and our ability to help our clients reach their true potential using the internet. We believe that these two things are the two things that are the difference makers between novice freelancers and established agencies that exist for the purpose of helping real businesses succeed.

Whether you’re looking for someone to coach you on the process of creating and selling a product using the internet from the ground up. If you’re looking for someone to come in and train your personnel to handle search engine optimisation for your business without needing to pay a company long-term. Or if you just can’t be bothered and want a company to take complete control of your overall branding in order to save on your budget and free up yourself to do other things like work on your business, Background Marketing is a Milton Keynes SEO agency that can reach the goals that you’re looking for in your business.

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