In-House SEO Doesn’t Actually Save You Money

  • by Terrence Kent
  • 15 Apr, 2014
If  you are considering bringing your SEO in-house or if you already have, you may want to reconsider. This approach could be actually costing you money instead of making you money. Online marketing requires a level of constant attention, so the general thought process is for companies to use in-house seos to handle the work instead of hiring an outside […]
If  you are considering bringing your SEO in-house or if you already have, you may want to reconsider. This approach could be actually costing you money instead of making you money.
Online marketingrequires a level of constant attention, so the general thought process is for companies to use in-house seos to handle the work instead of hiring an outside agency .
There are a few things wrong with this strategy so lets first start with the people side of business. If you want to find a good in-house SEO consultant, you first have to focus on how much you are going to pay them versus how much their skills are worth. On top of this, businesses need to ensure that there is enough online marketing work to keep the consultant busy so they aren’t wasting time doing busy work this is almost never put into consideration when thinking about in-house seo.

What Does In-House SEO Really Cost

The reality is, that these individuals with very little experience are usually paid a starting salary of around £20,000 to £30,000 per year, and for the management level it is usually around £35,000 and up, but on average you can expect to pay around£45,000 for someone who knows what there doing (an expert). I know these are big numbers, so feel free  to visit any job search website and see for yourself, in house SEO is not a cheap process.
If you haven’t been scared of yet, then the next important point to raise is the cost of tools. There is no question that most search marketing experts live and die which tool they choose to use. In fact in many cases these tools can help further knowledge development. Tools are great as they can help with things like social media sharing on a site like Facebook ,Twitter,Google+, and even YouTube. They can help with mobile marketing strategies, or they can just be great for time management.
The issue with tools is that as an outside agency, you will have access to these resources, while hiring an in-house seo  consultant won’t. This means you’re going to have to fit the bill on more programs then your company already has at its location. The fun part is, that due to the joy of modern marketing, most of these tools are monthly paid services, so over the course of a few months or even years, you will not only be paying a monthly wage to an employee, but also to software companies as well.
I should say here that all tools are not created equal, and that most internet marketers have at least two to three that they use consistently to help and individual website. While there is loads of technical info out there about what to use there are some industry standards that are recommended. This will mean that your lack of knowledge will have to default to your newly acquired in-house sep expert , and they will be in charge of major purchases used to grow your digital web visibility. I know if I had a blank cheque there are loads of cools items I would get. Not necessarily because I needed them, but really to prove that I didn’t, and as an owner you should be aware, WE ALL THINK LIKE THIS . or you could hire an outside agency and save your self loads of money by paying one monthly fee.
Okay so I would love to stop right there and say that’s the full picture but it just isn’t true. By now you should be able to spot at least one problem for you hiring an in-house employee in this capacity, and what this means for the future of your business. However in case you need me to raise a few more points to bring it home the here you go.
If you remove the search engine, the links,the keywords,the content, and all the analytics data from the table you’re left with one specific fact, and that’s that you have just hired an employee, and employees cost money no matter if we are talking about an in-house sep, finance, HR, customer service, anything. Don’t think that the yearly salary you pay is the actual cost of your new employee, because it comes to way more than that.
I think too many times owners and executives take the approach that they need something done, so the process is always to hire someone to do it. However what happens when there isn’t any work to do, or you aren’t seeing the results that you expected? Well naturally you’r stuck with an employee. That’s when companies start redundancies, because they hired more people then they actually needed in the first place, and when the money runs low someone has to go, to keep margins in place.
I read, I think it was a blog, or article, that did a great job of breaking down the true cost of an employee. All you had to do was type the numbers in the form and it gave you a report detailing how much it would actually cost  to hire someone at a desired wage.
The one thing I found amazing about this site, was that almost every-time I input the wage the cost of an employee was always around £6,000-£20,000 more than the base salary. I since reading the article have used loads of these online pages and they all provide the same results. You can follow the link here for the best one I have found so far. Click Here
So on top of the cost of in house SEO training an tools, you have the basic cost of hiring and employee. You are welcome to contact anyone to verify, however financially you are going to hear pretty much the same thing. Building a business this way in this new interactive world is a broken system and it will be very difficult for you to see any real level of success this way.
Now here is where every company needs to be clear. You can hire a full working team of top SEOs that have the experience and knowledge to push your business forward without breaking the bank.
Most agencies have either a team of specialists, or have partners that they closely work with to make sure they are providing the best service possible while ensuring that it is integrated with your company’s ideas so marketing looks seamless and your customers or clients reward you for it.
So in summary, when it comes down to it no matter what the product or service Google doesn’t care whether your ad campaign was created by an in-house SEO, or by another agency, so why should you? Simple, you shouldn’t you should do what makes you money, and I think that has been clarified above. Any decent agency will guarantee that your rights and privacy are always first and will always work in an ethical manner.
Okay, I know some agencies are just bad, even some of the big ones. Don’t hire a company just because you saw them on the news, or because they have a huge media presence. The hiring process is the same as if you were hiring the candidate for your in-house SEO role. Start with the companies that are local and work your way out and create a list of who you like. Then start to connect with them, and maybe invite a few in to pitch. The main upside to this is, you are in control of the process so you don’t need to pay more than you have to.
Now yes I am going to say that you should contact me first to help you with your online marketing, but honestly you should just start looking to see what companies work best for you.

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