Who Said Websites Are Dead?

Who Said Websites Are Dead?

I was sent a great online white paper the other day which discussed the the thought process that modern websites are dead, and truthfully, I found this funny. The main reason I laughed as much as I did, is because it’s the biggest bunch of nonsense I think I’ve ever heard, and here is why.

This article was written in a very one sided viewpoint by a digital marketing agency. No problem there right? Well let’s keep going.

The basic idea behind the post was that businesses should be looking to migrate from their properties and spend more time and effort on growing their social media and mobile tactics because the world is going more digital.

Naturally if the world is going more digital, we should be going with it right? Well…yes and no.

Saying Websites Are Dead Is A Huge Contradiction.

Firstly this one sided sales letter basically says that you should put your time and effort into someone else’s product, and that’s wrong.

The goal should be to bring prospects into your company, not force them to go to another platform where they have the ability to visit your competitions offers as well.

This is a quick way to lose business before you get it. I mean really why spend that much effort advertising someone else’s products?

The next thing that I think many would take issue to is the fact that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and every other social media trend right now are nothing more than engaging web properties.

These were all simple webpages originally created by a few people with the sole purpose of creating something engaging.

So saying that company webpages are no longer relevant and that you should use these platforms instead, is nothing more than a contradiction.

As owners, execs, marketing directors, etc. the goal should be to create an engaging website, and engaging on other online resources should be secondary with an end goal of bringing them to your website to convert them into taking a profitable action.

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Websites Are Dead Only If The Internet Is Too!

Finally there is the common sense side of things. The purpose of the internet is to provide an answer to a question when it is asked. In order for internet sites as a whole to have died, you would be saying that the internet itself has died, because a website would no longer answer a search query, which we all no is not true.

Again the common sense side of things is search is now and will be in the future the key to everything, and with over 80% of searches going to the first few positions it proves that ranking on page one is vital to not only company success, but survival as well.

Am I saying that other social media platforms are irrelevant? Nope! In fact I agree, they should all be used, but as a way to get people to your website no as a standalone property.

The great thing about all of these platforms, is that they all can be integrated into your organisations website, therefore making your site more engaging. Then you rank your site at the top of the search engines and you have a website that people enjoy engaging with, and the ability to showcase your company and what you have to offer. Do you still believe websites are dead?

If websites are dead, have a look at some of the most engaging website properties

The best thing is you don’t have to worry about if a social media site doesn’t work for you, because you control what’s on your site.

I am in complete agreement that the old model of brochure style pages on-line are no longer as effective as they once were, and that engagement is the key to long term success online going forward. However I will never completely subscribe to the idea that somehow as a business owner the key to promoting your products or services is by promoting someone else’s products. To say websites are dead in any capacity is a fear tactic, and nothing more.