Is Blog Commenting Really Dead?

Is Blog Commenting Really Dead?

How To Become A Respected Blog Commenting Expert.

When it comes down to it, every marketer in the world is trying to find out which link building tactics still work to promote a business online. And if you visit many online forums or SEO websites, you will start to see many of them say that blog commenting is dead, and you should stay away from this tactic if you want your site to rank well. These guys kill me! =-)

Blog commenting is not only alive, it’s stronger than ever. The problem is many marketers are too lazy to do it properly. In the oldin’ days, (pre April 2012) many guys would purchase a piece of spammy software and submit generic comments to thousands of pages that had nothing to do with the business they were trying to promote. If you were to try that now your site would be punished and sent to the back of the search engine rankings like a naughty school child, never to be heard from again.

So what’s the difference now? That’s simple, you can’t be, and if you have to be lazy, at least do it intelligently. Blog commenting done correctly isn’t hard, and it’s something that any business owner can, and should be doing.

So how to comment effectively?

This is where the very difficult part comes in. Are you ready? Well here it goes.

1) You look online and find a blog post that is related to your industry

2) You read the article in its entirety

3) Add your name(yes your real name), email address and website address where it asks for them

4) You leave a comment telling the author what you thought about what he wrote (even if you hated it, just state why clearly)

That’s it. Only 4 steps to leaving quality comments. Sorry I know you wanted it to be harder than that, but it’s really not. The reason this works so well is because you are actually commenting on the article and being sincere about it. A blog is nothing more than a journal of someone’s thoughts, or important events that maybe happening. No matter how you want to look at it, people take time to write their blog post, so nothing irritates them more than when they see a “nice post” response with no depth behind it I mean really, “nice post?” What was so nice about it?

The Lazy Approach to Blog Commenting

lazy blog commenting

Okay steps 2-4 I don’t think you should change as it defeats the purpose, however for all you spammy guys out there who have software step one can be sorted quite easily.

Basically use the same software you use to find your blogs to comment on to harvest your list of best blogs associated with your industry. Then export them and create a reading/commenting schedule. So ultimately you work off of this list on a daily basis reading say 3-5 posts and commenting per day.

Now you may say it’s easier to use your software and blast 1000 generic comments and include your link, but what return do you really get. It makes more since to get a guaranteed 3-5 PR3+ links than it does to blast 1000 links only get 3-5 PR0 links and harm my site for good. Sorry guys, looks like hard work is the new normal.

So that’s, basically it, and it’s probably easier than you expected. Now again, I would strongly advice against using blog commenting services for SEO purposes, because this will be one of the quickest ways to get your website de-ranked.

But hey what do I know? I’m always open to hear other views, so let me know your thoughts below