Easily Improve SEO Ranking With Unique Quality In-Depth Content

Easily Improve SEO Ranking With Unique Quality In-Depth Content

Now before we start there are loads of SEO’ers that are going to read this and say that it is not possible to do this. They will also talk about the large amount of ranking factors that the search engines use when applying a rank to a website, but in reality it is possible to achieve page one without one single link.

Keywords Matter

keywords are just questions users are trying to answerYou’ve heard it before, and you will hear it again, keywords matter when trying to create content, but you have to pay attention to the intent of the reader as well. Now this is where many people get very confused when it comes to keywords and ranking and why there are some businesses that have page one rankings but are not seeing an increase in business. You see when a user searches in Google, or any of the other search engines they are looking for the answer to a question. The more clear and concise the answer is that you provide, the higher perceived value your website will have in the eyes of the user. So when you are next doing your keyword research look at the keywords and ask your self two questions.

  1. what is the user trying to find, what are they asking?
  2.  How do I answer this question better than anybody else.

By taking this approach your keyword research will become that much easier and your visitors will be that much happier.

The On page Stuff

onpage-optimization diagramLook this isn’t really a how to article for on page optimisation, however there are other resources, even here on this site that will prepare you to create great content. There are a few things that are important though, so we will touch on them briefly.

First is the title. ideally you want the keyword/question that you came up with during your keyword research to be included here. This is one of the most important sections when telling the search engines what your page is about, so don’t forget about this.

Next is the description tag. This will be what people see when doing a search, so it is important for you to write a short attractive section. Basically you want to think of this as an elevator pitch. You only have so long to get your readers to want to read more, so choose your words wisely.

Then there is the media side of things. The jury is still out on what and how much but it is pretty clear you either need videos or images mixed into your content. With your images it is important to add your keywords/questions into your alt tag. The alt tag is basically a way to describe what is actually shown in the image. Search engines can’t actually read an image so they look at other aspects of the image like the file name, and the alt tag section to help determine what it is about. Careful not to overdo it though as you can be penalized for adding to many keywords within your images.

Content Length

content marketing strategyThis is one that many people don’t pay attention to but it is honestly the most important aspect…well at least in my opinion. I want you to use a little bit of common sense here for a second. Some things you can’t explain in a sentence. The meaning of life, religion, politics, the offsides rule in Football (soccer). All of these things require a little more depth to even start understanding. With these subjects, the more in-depth the information, the closer you get to finding the best possible answer. Well you need to treat your content the exact same way. The more in-depth you make the information you provide, the more you will be seen as the authority in your field. You will have competition that will try to answer the exact same questions as you, so if we go back to the second question of your keyword research, how can you answer the question better than anybody else?

So will these few things guarantee that you are going to get page one rankings? Nope. Nothing will guarantee that, however based on the current ranking factors if you want to improve the ranking of your site, or any site, then this is the best start that you can make. The reality is, that if you follow the simple practices that I have laid out above, then you will have a quality in-depth piece of content that other will naturally want to link to because you will be seen as the industry leader, and this is actually what the major search engines want. So my advice is look at your content as a way to cement your self as an authority in your field. If you do this you will have all of the traffic your site needs, and the rankings will quickly follow.