Content Is King…Well Not Really.

Content Is King…Well Not Really.

Content Isn’t Really King?

Now before we start, make sure that we are clear that I’m not disputing the fact that “content is king.” the reality is, most people understand that quality relevant content is in fact the master of all things even Google has admitted this fact.

Truthfully, my dispute comes slightly deeper in the process, heres what I mean. While producing quality relevant content may be one of the most important things if you want to create a quality reputation online, I do think it’s wrong to have the thought process that this is all that is needed and nothing else. Honestly think about that for a second. You produce/create a brand-new website, brand-new domain, brand-new piece of content you build absolutely no trust, no recognition, nobody knows who you are. You produce a piece of what, you would consider quality relevant content to your industry and now the job is done. Now by definition to what the gurus will tell you, that’s all you need and you will be able to outrank some of the biggest most established websites on the internet, and we all know that’s not exactly true, now is it?

social media sharing - Background MarketingSo what I’d like to say is content is king however more information is needed to truly understand that exact phrase. Now if it’s not 100% about content then what is everyone missing? Well that’s very very simple, actually Google has been telling everybody about it for a couple years now. Social activity is the key to any content, good or bad. So to be clear “Sharing is King” Today somebody has to know about your content and somebody has to share it, and heres the kicker, you don’t actually have to have content for people to share. I’ll repeat that for those who skip over lines, you don’t have to produce a single piece of content for someone else to share who you are and what you do.

Years ago what would happened is you would create a blog and that information would be shared on another popular blog however as the world has digitally evolved and the birth of social media and social networking sites have taken form, it has become easier to share information, easier to pass on quality information and that information gains you authority and trust. Now take platforms like Meerkat, Periscope, or even Google Hangout, these properties have made it so all you have to do is give a time and a subject and that is shared, no content is created until the actual broadcast. In my opinion this proves that sharing is at least equal to content if not slightly ahead of it. Which means you can’t call one king above all else.

So How Do You Use This To Your Advantage?

The first thing that needs to be understood when dealing with social activity and actually pushing content to the next level is to make sure you understand who you are writing your content for. Who decides if quality content is quality, the user hence the reason for sharing. Who decides if content is relevant The users do and go figure, they share it.sharing is king - Background Marketing

Next goes into the relevant side of things. Why in fact are you targeting this market, this phrase, these people, whatever the case may be? If you think about this realistically, in order to produce quality relevant content for the user, you have to answer a question. Understand Google is a question answer tool users ask a question, and you have to provide the answer. What makes your answer the definitive answer on the subject above all else? If you haven’t thought about this there is no reason for anyone to share your content.

Finally, and this might be the most important point, is to find out where these target users that are trying to find an answer to their question are actually looking. Now this becomes an interesting conversation because most people sit and expect that the online approach of just ranking on the Internet is all you need and your users aren’t looking anywhere else. While my recommendation is that you see ranking as an end result to a well thought out campaign.Easily Improve SEO Ranking With Unique Quality In-Depth Content

Take this for example, you know your market and you know exactly who you’re looking for. You have found out the exact answers you want to give to their questions, you know exactly why your response is the most in-depth response to their query that is on the market and then you realise that there is a group of people discussing this exact subject on Facebook you see people on Twitter there are hashtags dedicated to it, there are countless and I mean countless social networking sites all with forum and networking capabilities or quick chat capabilities, whatever the case may be people have like-minded conversations. Take LinkedIn, LinkedIn if you are in actual business, not just have a website but properly run a business there is a wealth of information and people consistently and inconsistently trying to find the best answers to questions in business every single day.

Now by entering these three points content can, and I stress here ‘can‘ become King. However with out these steps, you are waiting for Google to first find your content and by time it does find the content it will be out of date and more appropriately it won’t have any type of authority behind it because nobody is talking about it or you they will have already received the answer from somebody else’s content. Again this is just my thoughts you can agree you can disagree with with however I believe the phrase should read more like this content is king* and leave room for an expanded definition of the phrase.