Business Momentum – How To Build It At Home.

Business Momentum – How To Build It At Home.

Business momentum is without question one of the most powerful, yet underestimated views when it comes to being successful. Having the ability continuously drive your business to the next level is more important than most other aspects in business, but how do you do that at home?

Whether you run your own business, or you’ve been given the ability to work remotely, being able to work at home can some times be a gift and a curse all wrapped into one. I’m sure for everyone that isn’t working from home right now your probably telling me I’m crazy, but trust me when I say that working from home presents a new set of issues that challenge the concept of a work life balance.

 Household Tasks Kill Business Momentum

Most people when they start to work from home begin to realize many of the things around the house that they’ve been slacking on and now feel that they have the time to tackle these problems and fix them. This is a mistake. If you really want to be successful, make sure you stay focused on your work first. Just because you are working from home does not mean you should act as though you’re unemployed. Now don’t get me wrong you should be able to enjoy the freedom of working from home, however you are trying to create a level of business momentum that will eventually allow you to have more time, but this is not instant.

The best suggestion here is to set aside maybe an hour a day to handle some the smaller household things, or even better, set aside a day during the week/month depending on schedule to complete all the things that need attention around the house. This way you have planned for it in advance, and it is being worked around your work schedule, allowing you to keep pushing forward in business.

Also don’t be afraid to ask for help family,friends, and spouses are a great source to help you complete things at home quickly


Building Business Momentum With Family

This is without a doubt the hardest aspect of building business momentum, and if it isn’t taken care of early, you may never find that thrust you need to push your success forward.

Unless your spouse works from home as well, you are going to have to explain a lot of things to them, and unfortunately it is going to sound selfish, but it is reality.

Most families treat working from home as more time to spend together, and this is a dangerous mentality for the family to have. If you are self-employed and working from home, or working remotely my thoughts here are very simple. If you were working in an office, you would be working eight hours sometimes even more for the business to be a success, so if this isn’t matched at home how can you honestly expect to have the strength to power your business forward?

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Again, I’m not saying to ignore your family, I’m saying there needs to be a clear understanding of what your day entails and why that time is necessary.

In fact you should set aside some time to spend with your family on a weekly basis, trust me it sounds easier than it is. Once you get into a working groove it’s hard to want to stop, and sometimes family can feel neglected by this desire  to keep working.

My suggestion here is to sit down with your family and have a conversation about ways to change certain family routines in order to acomadate new routines.


One thing that kills business momentum before it even starts is lack of routine.  Working an hour here taking a break to do something else, and then doing another two hours and then walking the dog, and then back to work, it’s exhausting. In fact it was exhausting writing it just now.

In a perfect world you will work you eight hour day at home, however if this doesn’t work then you can block your time together, I suggest no less than three hour blocks of work.  It’s important to explain to your family, that if you are going to do a block scheduling, then this will take away from evening family time. This may work for your family, so you will need to discuss it to decide which is best.

Overall, the main takeaway here is to schedule your days, have a routine, spend time with you family, and talk to them about how they can help you be successful, you’ll be surprised how supportive spouses can be when you are just honest and talk to them about what you need.


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