Is Your Business An Example Of Good Customer Service?

Is Your Business An Example Of Good Customer Service?

Ways To Improve Good Customer Service In Your Business

In any business market, if you really want to stand out you have to set the example of what good customer service should be, but where do you start?

It’s always amazing how many companies claim to offer world-class customer service to the consumer, but they couldn’t really tell you what their company does better than the others. So how as a business owner can you say your company is delivering quality without knowing what they are doing for sure? The simple answer is you can’t.

First things first I think all owners should take a step back and remember why they wanted to get into business in the first place, and with that in mind, they need to take a few minutes out of their busy schedules and call their customer service departments.  I know most companies have supervisors and managers for this sort of thing, but what happens if they are failing at their jobs?  By calling your front line employees and posing as a customer you will have all the information you need to determine not only if your customers are receiving the level of excellence that you expect them to receive, but you can also determine if an entire chain of command is doing their jobs as well.

Good customer service isn’t accomplished by one person, it is a habit adopted by the entire company, and culture that is necessary for your organisation to survive.  If you really want to take your customer care to the next level, then why not attempt to call your employees and pretend to be a cold caller. Who doesn’t want to speak to a cold caller right? However, that’s the whole point. No matter what you may think cold calling still exists and happens all the time, and most customer service reps (gatekeepers) treat these guys the worst. Yes I realise this is an unwelcomed interruption, however just because they are cold calling today, doesn’t mean they won’t be paying customers tomorrow. Also remember a negative experience is a negative experience, and if that person was polite and your employee was disrespectful, then they will probably tell other people about the level of disrespect they received.

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Using Multiple Outlets To Showcase Good Customer Service

It’s also important to understand that customers come to your company from different outlets, so you should be willing to engage with your company from these outlets as well. The internet is a huge part of most companies nowadays, but you’ll notice that the approach that most companies give via answering emails, virtual assistants, and social media interaction is horrible at best. By using these outlets to engage with your customer service you will have a clear understanding of how good your customer service really is, and you will as well have a clear understanding of ways to improve customer service, because you will see the frustrations that your consumers go through, and will be able to implement fixes at the same time.

It’s also important to remember, that if your business needs help, you can always hire the services of an outside agency to come in and offer training on the most effective ways to provide good customer service to your consumers and potential clients.