A Few Simple Pay Per Click Tips

A Few Simple Pay Per Click Tips

Getting The Most From Your Pay Per Click Management!

Most business owners are constantly looking for new ways to maximise their return when it comes to optimisation for their pay per click campaigns. While it is the job of and agency or consultant to help a company keep its cost low. Many companies are missing the boat on this and are forcing businesses to waste money by not using effective strategies that have proven to work.

First things first, use the Google Keyword Planner. This will give you the truest review of what the number of searches a keyword is likely to receive. This is because it automatically defaults to an exact match search where it did not before. This is also where many pay per click management services have failed their clients.

Next, use the negative keywords option. This is pretty basic when you understand it, but most people don’t understand this option so they fail. Are numerous free pay per click tracking tools out there that can give you a quick review of what keywords you are ranking for and to help you get a better overview of your marketing efforts. I recommend that if you have a company doing your PPC management that you utilise one of these tools. You may find like many others have that you are ranking for terms that have nothing to do with your business. Think about it if you are paying to target pool tables do you really need to be ranking on page one for swimming pool? By simply removing the word swimming from your search criteria, you prevent this from happening and get targeted visitors.

My last tip is to use the Search Network Only option. This is a great way to keep cost down if you are working on a budget. This option targets only the searchers that type in that keyword and are looking in Google. If you have done your keyword research correctly, then you should easily be targeting keywords that is converting into paying customers this way.

While there are more tips and tricks that can be used this was just a quick review of how start-ups can maximise their return when using pay per click advertising. Make no mistake, you can make money using PPC, however if you aren’t at least a little educated on the subject you can end up throwing money away with very little return every time. Have you heard any horror stories of businesses using ADWORDS and getting burned? Please share, so others don’t get burned.