10 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Are Failing

  • by Terrence Kent
  • 10 May, 2017
What I would like to do is fairly quickly talk to you about the 10 main reasons why digital marketing campaigns fail today.
This is a subject that I am very passionate about because when you read through each of these reasons you realise that every one of them can easily be avoided by just having a little bit more knowledge than what you may currently have.
So please have a read through and hopefully, this will ensure the achievement of your goals in the future.

1. You Don’t Have A Clear Goal

Despite what people think, having a goal or setting goals for your company isn’t something that’s reserved to the for the self-help gurus. In fact in order to see any type of progression forward in any area of life goal setting is absolutely at the core of moving forward. Now if you actually want to win online, it makes sense to clarify what victory actually looks like when it’s all said and done. Clarifying the goal of what your promotional efforts are supposed to be will ensure that you actually have a higher probability of making that goal a reality. If you really want your advertising campaign to be the best it can possibly be, then take the time before you start to visualise what the end result will be, after all, what’s the purpose of you doing it in the first place?
2. You Don’t Have An Established Budget.
Now it’s critical to understand that we’re not talking about how much a service actually costs.
Everybody will always try to get the best possible price for whatever promotional service there is, but that has absolutely nothing to do with how much you budgeted each month to achieve your specific results.
Also, let’s be honest, in this day and age, you really can’t market for free. Sure you’ll hear stories of someone that had viral success with a video but ask your self. How many videos did they produce before then? I don’t care what anyone says success costs, and sometimes a lot.
If you’re not budgeting properly to obtain specific outcomes, your never going to get them. It is universally recommended that roughly 7% – 8% of your total revenue should be utilised for your consumer communications budget.
Now 7% may not seem like much or it may seem like loads, but what’s necessary to remember is that it is a consistent number to work with, and once you understand how much money you’re willing to spend it becomes a lot easier to find out how to make that money work for you.
If you are really trying to find victory in the digital space then make sure that you have a proper budget for your campaign.

3. You Never Did Enough Research

Long gone are the days of having to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds or dollars or euros or whatever currency you choose to use to a large upscale agency to find out what consumers really want.
Now all you need is a little bit of creativity and big data. If you’re not utilising the data that exists for free in your market in order to establish a fact-based campaign then you are setting yourself up for failure.
These free resources are there to help you gain traction in your online publicity campaigns so that you will see the type of results that you have planned for initially.
Also, proper research will allow you to stay one step ahead of your competition.

4. You Didn’t Monitor Consistently

It’s very easy to fall into the trap that many marketers leave for consumers online and to go in thinking that you can handle all of your digital marketing on autopilot.
The reality is, things change, people change, people’s personalities change, customers buying habits change and more.
If you’re not monitoring and changing with them, your campaign and your company will in fact fail.

5. You Never Had Anything To Say To The Customer

This happens more times than people what to or even care to admit. In a world where we are constantly fighting to get people’s attention, once you have it you better have something worthwhile to say to them.
If you really want to start seeing massive growth in your digital marketing campaign quickly than the smartest thing that you can do is look at the content that you are putting out throughout the Internet.
Ask yourself key questions like ‘is this the type of content that my potential customer would like to see’?
Will my potential customers share the information that I’m passionate about? As well and as mentioned above, if you were measuring your engagement and monitoring properly a lot of these questions and other questions on how to effectively create content and add value to your market will be shown to you through the data.

6. You Never Established Realistic Timeframes To Reach Your Goals

You’ll hear that you need to do social media, or you need to do SEO, or you need to do email marketing.
However, the biggest issue that plagues most business owners is that they never actually took the time to understand how long it was going to take to see results from each of these avenues of digital marketing.
Understand that nobody achieves success overnight.
While it looks like it, this just isn’t the case. In fact what usually happens is years and years of calculated determined effort with measurable timescales and milestones at each step on the ladder to success.
If you want a campaign to actually help you reach your long-term goals, then make sure that you establish how long it’s going to take you to actually get there if you plan properly this should be a very easy step.

7. Your Product Or Service Was Never Really That Good

It’s essential to listen to your customers and listen to your friends to find out whether you do have a product that actually makes sense or whether you just have a copycat product because you see somebody else making money from it.
Sometimes just listening can be the difference between achievement and failure.
One of the great things about the Internet is that you’re able to actually read what users think about products or services or anything for that matter online.
So before ever entering into a market, you can determine whether you actually have a product that is good and that offers customers exactly what they’re looking for in a way that they are looking for it. 
If you really want to start seeing continuous gains, make sure to find out whether you actually have a product that people want.

8. You Never Told Your Users What To Do In Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

This is short sweet and to the point. If you want people to do something online you have to tell them what to do.
This is what is known as a call to action.
If you really want users to have a solid understanding of what they need to do in order to help you reach success then be very very clear on what that is, it’s vital that you understand that fact.
Now you have to understand why this call to action is such a vital component to your overall plan. One of the main reasons this is relevant is because not every website on the Internet is trying to sell you something.
For example, take a look at a website like Wikipedia, this is what is known as an informational site.
They are not trying to sell you books or magazines or anything and all they are just trying to provide you with knowledge.
By not providing a clear call to action for users to purchase or to call or to email, what you effectively do is put your website in the same situation as Wikipedia which means you’re telling people about a topic, but your not telling them what to do, which means that they will never ever buy from you because they don’t believe you want them too.

9. You’re Copying The Competition and Not Being Unique.

You generally see this in a market that has one clear leader and everybody else just trying to copy the financial success of that market leader and not actually duplicate the success that the market leader has gained. 
If you really want to see success not just in your digital marketing campaign but in your marketplace as well, ensure that you’ve established a clear unique selling point for users so they understand why you are a better alternative to what already exists in the market. 
Understand that your unique selling point can be something small, it can be something big, it can be financial, it could be mental, it really doesn’t matter just as long as you have one.

10. You Never Established A Clear Strategy For Your Campaign

Despite what people may tell you it is almost impossible nowadays to sustain an organisation without having a clear digital marketing strategy as its guiding force moving forward.
A strategy lays out everything that has been mentioned previously in the reasons why campaigns fail.
This is significant because this takes the guesswork out of any marketing campaign and makes it so any person in the organisation can pick up right where somebody else left off and still achieve massive benefits.
A solid digital strategy also will allow the owner of a brand to outsource some if not every individual aspect of the digital marketing campaign or to be able to do every single aspect himself depending on the size of his business.
Without having a digital strategy what ends up happening is you are consistently left asking yourself what do you have to do next?
So what we have laid out are the 10 main reasons why digital efforts are failing businesses today.
Now there are other reasons why promotional campaigns fail and we could spend most of the day talking about them but when it really comes down to it these 10 reasons are the clearest reasons why they fail and without a doubt, they are the ones that you should pay the most attention to.
If you’ve ever experienced a failed marketing campaign or if you want to be pre-emptive and not have to deal with any failed campaigns in the future then why not click on the link below to find out more about our digital marketing strategies, and to discuss putting together a digital marketing plan that’s right for you and your team.
A quick phone call could be the difference between success or failure in your business. We look forward to hearing from you.
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What I would like to do is fairly quickly talk to you about the 10 main reasons why digital marketing campaigns fail today.
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