Business Competition – Taking Part Is Not Enough

  • by Terrence Kent
  • 10 Mar, 2014
Business competition…well competition in general is something I take very serious, and I’m sure anyone who knows me will agree. So I wanted to take a quick minute to talk about something that has been bothering me for a while, and that’s the concept that it’s okay to just take part. Over the years I’ve noticed an outbreak of people […]
Look everyone who knows me knows the love I have for teachers and the teaching profession, none of us would be where we are today with out one, but strongly have to disagree with this thought process, simply because it doesn’t make any sense. What would happen if are governments started to say “it’s okay that our literacy rate is the worst in the world, at least we can spell our names.” Its crazy.

It’s How Our Society Works.

Topic: Teaching Our Youth About Success In Business

by Terrence Kent 10 May, 2017
What I would like to do is fairly quickly talk to you about the 10 main reasons why digital marketing campaigns fail today.
by Terrence Kent 03 Feb, 2017
84% of consumers stated in a survey that they trust online customer reviews as much as personal recommendations.
by Terrence Kent 27 Sep, 2016
In light of the recent Google Penguin update, I felt it was important to revisit these two influential algorithm changes and look at how they changed SEO. Why Google decided to name its algorithm upgrades after creatures in nature that are white and black is puzzling; in fact, the most recent was Hummingbird, although one might well have believed that […]
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Why I Felt It Was Necessary To Write This Now While I know this is a marketing website and the main goal here is to help business owners and individuals understanding the power of using digital marketing in becoming successful I felt today it was time to take a different approach. So today’s post is more about how to not […]
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