SEO Optimized For What?

SEO Optimized For What?

Since I’ve been doing this whole SEO thing for a little while now, the one thing that always seems funny to me is when new business owners come to me with a new website and they tell me its okay I don’t need much work done my sites already SEO optimised. The main reason why I find this interesting is because the first question I always ask them is “really up to my forward what?”

Immediately after I ask this question I normally get an extremely blank look from 99% of these business owners and they always ask me then “what do you mean?”

One of the major problems in the online digital world that we all live in is that everybody thinks they understand everything about how the internet works this is kind of a problem if you’re one of us who works in very specialised fields. The reason why this question in itself poses such a problem is because it confuses the business owner into thinking that they don’t need work Done on their site.

Now I don’t mean to bag on the web designers, and most web designers are extremely good at their jobs. However I know that many digital companies are extremely quick to use buzzwords because they know that that’s what clients want to hear, however they don’t generally offer any of the services. For example many design companies use the term SEO because they know that that’s what the client wants to hear; so the client will be happy and think that they have a working product that will start ranking tomorrow when in fact they actually don’t have one.

Let’s be clear when we say that a website is optimised this means that keyword research has been completed and that your website is targeting the exact audience that will bring in business into your company. The simple way to see if your site is optimised for a certain phrase is to do a search for the phrase in Google that you want your website to rank for. If your website is not ranking you’re not optimised for anything. The main point of this post was to make sure that potential clients and companies have a basic understanding of what this phrase really means when they hear it.

Again this post is in no way meant to be disrespectful to the thousands of designers who do fantastic work every single day this post is more pointed towards those of you who think that by using a couple of words there able to justify their overinflated pricing. Just make sure that you understand that a website cannot be SEO optimise or the other phrase that we here quite often is “SEO friendly” without a basic understanding of keyword research first, and that is what search engine optimisers do for a living. So the next time you have website work done and your designer says oh your site has been optimised, ask them “really, for what?” You might be able to enjoy a good laugh before realising you should have used another company.