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When most businesses think about PPC, or paid advertising and marketing, they usually think of Google, and they don’t tend to look anywhere else. At Background Marketing, we understand that taking a one size fits all approach to promotion is dangerous, so we try to help businesses understand that there are other platforms, that can deliver a very high ROI. Below are a few of those platforms.



[expand title="Click here for more"]Facebook Advertisements have become increasingly significant for companies nowadays. Additionally, with so many people using Facebook, simply having a page is not enough. You’ve got to capture the focus of Facebook’s one billion monthly users with laser-targeted ads. Ads that can drive purposeful participation and conversions, and can drive your visibility through the roof.

Your Facebook presence will be examined by our marketing team including your competition within your market, all content available, and your active users.

Based on our evaluation, we’ll determine where your ads will make the most impact. To drive sales or conversions, right-hand column ads can be used on Facebook’s desktop version. In addition, to increase engagement with your brand or spread awareness, premium News Feed ads can be featured on desktop and mobile – according to your exact specifications. This allows us to create unique way to get your message across in any marketplace.[/expand]


[expand title="Click here for more"]Twitter advertisements have several advantages – including the increase in the views of your site.

When your Twitter advertisements are created, more people will get to view your company and brand message as they scroll down their timeline.

You can even use customer responses from your advertising to create a favorable buzz and grow your reputation.

When a consumer comments on your own products or services, your business will get the chance to react or retweet – cultivating a relationship between consumer and business. Twitter advertising can be delicate; thus it’s vital to work with a team of social media specialists to help your business carry out Twitter advertising flawlessly.[/expand]



[expand title="Click here for more"]With over 300 million users in 200 countries, LinkedIn is a growing network that offers exceptional marketing opportunities to companies that are keen on remaining cutting edge. With 65% of marketing companies converting new customers from the platform successfully, which is more than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogs, LinkedIn marketing is ranked as the best tool for B2B marketers, and websites. LinkedIn is the supreme platform for business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) businesses equally.

Following a tried-and-tested format is a required element of success. So your customer profiles will be analyzed by our team to create a dazzling ad to capture their attention. LinkedIn promotion is usually quite brief but can advertise your business’s page, companies or group or even convert users through email. Your business can select a method of cost per click (CPC) or pay-per-1,000 impressions (CPM) depending on your companies marketing needs.[/expand]


[expand title="Click here for more"]Instagram is an increasing art form. Individuals use Instagram to view pictures of family and their friends, however, it’s increasingly getting used to also get visual penetration from brands and actions they care about.

Imagination is the boat that sails your business to a greater following, in regards to Instagram advertising. Your business and our Social Media team can talk about the vision your business would like to show. We will develop an Instagram advertising campaign which will enable audiences that are targeted to find out more about your merchandise or service; from that advertisement, and allows them the ability to interact with your brand and take action. This will enable our team to develop thought-provoking narratives that help manoeuvre consumers to your brand.

Picture the 300 million individuals on Instagram monthly and some of those users can become future customers that are faithful. Instagram is distinct from other media platforms that are social – in that users go to Instagram for visual experiences that are interesting. They don’t need fundamental information they need something that excites them. It’s visual, if you haven’t picked up the primary word for Instagram advertising. Instagram is about visual imagination and getting consumers to focus on your brand in another way. Our social media specialists will allow it to be easy for your company – by handling the challenging jobs for you in regards to marketing on Instagram. Call us now to begin on Instagram! A platform that most companies have yet to benefit from.[/expand]


[expand title="Click here for more"]Select from two YouTube advertising options, including banner ads or in-stream advertising — video advertisements that show before the video you’re seeing on YouTube. Currently,  YouTube is the second most popular search engine; creating more searches than Yahoo and Bing.

Audience are always becoming interested in the thought of receiving their information through creative and catchy videos.

Our social media team will work with your company to bring in greater conversions, and to develop a pay per click YouTube advertising – that is both captivating and effective. Our aim will be to raise consumer traffic and brand awareness to your web site.[/expand]



[expand title="Click here for more"]Are you aware that 70% of mobile searches result in actions within one hour? Executing powerful committed mobile pay-per click marketing is certainly crucial to your company. As mobile device use surpasses desktop computer browsing, mobile PPC advertising has become more prominent in the world of advertising. Due to these facts, it is crucial to use mobile advertising within your overall marketing strategy.

Mobile promotion consists of advertisements that appear on mobile devices; also, the formats of these advertisements change based on the promotion platform.

We’ll demonstrate the best way to structure your mobile ads for maximum impact along with collecting any precious data. These in-depth insights may also allow you to reach new customers and create seamless and rapid conversions.

Use the power of a continuously-connected customer base to grow your business by speaking to our promotion specialists now to learn ways to go mobile with pay-per-click promotion.[/expand]

What Makes Us Special

Here are a few key takeaways about paid advertising and Background Marketing that we think you should know about.


Among the wonderful things that separates Background Marketing from other digital marketing agencies is that we’ll never keep your Google AdWords account from you. Whether you came to us with an existing Google AdWords account, we created a fresh one for you. If you want to leave us, you can take all our work with you.



Your project will be handled by the best in the business. Background Marketing is a Google AdWords Partner. What does that mean? That we’ve reached a high level of certification, screening, training and product knowledge through Googles training programmes. Yahoo! and Bing efforts are also managed by us through the Bing Advertising network!



Remarketing is an essential piece of your paid search puzzle and will help you capitalize on ad spend dollars. Remarketing works by dropping a cookie on the browser of anyone that has been to your site. We use that cookie to show them image ads created specifically for your business as they visit other websites in order to close the gap and get them back to your site.


We will create compelling and persuasive ads that attract targeted traffic including headlines, descriptions, and URLs .



Build and audit post-click landing pages. A great ad is useless if people don’t find what they want when they click. We make sure the landing page your ad goes to is attractive, easy to use, and encourages conversions.



Boost Your Traffic While You Wait for Your Natural Search Rankings to Improve – Increasing your natural search engine rankings can take time, which is why search engine optimization (SEO) is considered a long-term marketing strategy. Many of our clients use PPC campaigns to quickly get visitors to their site while they wait for their SEO strategies to take hold. With PPC, you will see a spike in traffic in very little time.