Business Competition – Taking Part Is Not Enough

Business Competition – Taking Part Is Not Enough

Business competition…well competition in general is something I take very serious, and I’m sure anyone who knows me will agree. So I wanted to take a quick minute to talk about something that has been bothering me for a while, and that’s the concept that it’s okay to just take part. Over the years I’ve noticed an outbreak of people that seem to be teaching our youth that there are no winners or losers, and that as long as everyone takes part and has fun then the world will be a better place. WHAT THE WHAT? Really?Business Competition

Look everyone who knows me knows the love I have for teachers and the teaching profession, none of us would be where we are today with out one, but strongly have to disagree with this thought process, simply because it doesn’t make any sense. What would happen if are governments started to say “it’s okay that our literacy rate is the worst in the world, at least we can spell our names.” Its crazy.

It’s How Our Society Works.

I’ve been competing in some way or another since I was a kid, and the first lesson you learn is, not everyone can win. This is usually followed very quickly by the question…what are you going to do about it? By being forced to ask yourself that question from an early age you start to understand the difference between success and failure and how to develop a winning attitude. Isn’t that the most important aspect of building a successful business, having a winning attitude? How can you have a winning attitude as an adult if you were never taught as a child? business commitment Despite what people may say, business competition globally is getting more fierce everyday, and countries that do teach the value of competition and how to bounce back from failure are beginning to emerge as major business forces worldwide. In business, it’s not enough to take part, it has to be more than that, you have to know with every part of who you are, that you’ve done the work, and that your ready to take on all challengers. When people talk about the recession, they always talk about the banks, and that’s why businesses were having to close their doors. Really? Many companies boasted huge profits during this downtime, in fact entire countries (China) made billions because of the recession. How’s that possible? Simple, the losers during the recession were never thinking about how to win in the future, they were just thinking about taking part right now and being comfortable. However the winners, well, they’ve lost enough times to understand how to win, how to wait for that perfect moment and really go for it. So there you have my soap box rant, however if you look around, you’ll probably see that I’m not to far off the mark. What about your business? Do you have a long term plan to win? Or are you one of those people that are happy just taking part.

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